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Growing Healthy People


Lake Forest

Focus Areas:

  • Youth Education
  • Workforce development
  • Gardening Education
  • Hunger Relief
  • Fresh Food Access
  • Nutrition/Food Education
  • School Program

Organization Mission:

Simply put, we are impacting lives by growing food.


Growing Healthy People has been providing educational opportunities and creating edible learning spaces through their partnerships with Lake Forest Country Day School, the Abbott Fund, and the Grainger Foundation. With an emphasis in bringing aeroponic/aquaponic/hydroponic growing technologies to greenhouse spaces, students of all ages learn how to grow food sustainably into the future.


We are always seeking ways to collaborate with others. For example, the greenhouse at Thomas Jefferson Middle School produced many pounds of bok choy, which they donated to the Roberti Community House. And looking forward to the students at the Roberti Culinary Pathway cooking the tilapia fish grown in the aquaponics system for a shared meal with both organizations.

Particular areas would be:

  • Sites for indoor or greenhouse growing programs
  • Grant sponsors to provide funding for growing programs
  • Funding for after school programs and field trips


Volunteer Needs:

Most volunteer opportunities will not require any knowledge of plants or gardening, just a desire to learn, serve, and be around plants.

  • Greenhouse and systems cleaning and maintenance
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Plant maintenance
  • Record keeping
  • Grant writing

Please contact Cheryl Besenjak by text/phone at 847-609-3228 or [email protected].


Addition Information:


Contact information:

Cheryl Besenjak, Executive Director
[email protected]