Eat Local

Welcome to Lake County’s
Community Gardening Resource.

Welcome to Grow Lake County!

Interested in learning more about what’s happening in Lake County’s local food scene? You’ve come to the right
place. Lake County, IL has wonderful small family farms growing good food for communities, innovative gardening and
food projects, and people who care about where their food comes from.
Come explore the site; check out an interactive map to find places to buy local food, follow easy gardening tips and
resources to grow your own food, and learn about what is happening in your community and how to get involved.
Explore GLC:

Why local?

Learn more about how eating local
food supports Lake County family
farms and provides environmental,
economic, and health


Eating fresh, local, and seasonal food
nourishes your mind and body. Find
places throughout Lake County to
purchase local food and


Gardening provides the ultimate in
local food—fresh food from your back-
yard or community garden! Follow
these easy tips and resources


The local food movement grows
stronger in communities and
nationally each year. Learn about
academic and entrepreneurial


Many groups are growing food for
hungry Lake County neighbors. Learn
about what is happening in your
community and how to join


There are many opportunities to learn
more about this movement. Find
grants, toolkits, resources for schools,
community gardens, growers
Feature Story:

Micro-grants to support local food projects now available

Two local foundations are partnering to provide small grants to organizations and groups in Lake County engaged in innovative local food projects that are feeding communities across the County.

The program provides grants ranging from $500-$2,500 to groups engaged in local food projects such as gardening, ag job skills training, access to food in underserved communities, and more. Eligible applicants must be a 501(c)3 organization, educational institution, or government entity located within Lake County, Illinois.

This site was created through leadership of The Liberty Prairie Foundation in collaboration with the Lake County Local Food Task Force and with generous support from The Lake County Community Foundation.